Friday, May 6, 2011

Breaking It Down With DT Episode Recap

Tonight on our radio show, Breaking It Down With DT, we had special guest Rand Simberg, an adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a 30 year aerospace veteran. To read Mr. Simberg's views on space go to his blog at He is also a a member of the Competitive Space Task Force a non-profit public policy organization.

Make sure to read his essay A Space Program For The Rest Of Us.

Mr. Simberg enlightened us on the role of the private sector in the future of space and stands firmly on the principles that freedom and free enterprise go hand in hand with the future of space, a frontier that should be opened up to all humanity. It was one of the more informative and educational episodes we've had and we're very thankful for the time we had to learn about space from his point of view.

Check out the replay here. It's a must hear!

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