Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breaking it Down with DT Recap for June 16

Tonight on Breaking it Down with DT we talked about some major topics of interest across the political spectrum!

Be sure to go to Obama's website to enter to win dinner with the President. Every conservative around should enter repeatedly for the chance to go tell Obama what we think about him! When did we stoop to the level of  a high school fundraiser to start raffling off dinner with the President to raise campaign funds? How does our President look himself in the mirror without laughing at himself?

Some of the other topics we discussed are Weinergate and the violation of the trust of the electorate. And not the way you think. What business was it of the media or other members of Congress to try to force Weiner out? It's the business of the citizens in his district to decide. And according to polls they still wanted him. So much for our representative republic! We also discussed Obama loading up federal departments with contributors and fundraisers even though he promised not to, his violation of federal law by keeping our troops engaged in Libya, and the fact that the so called environmentally friendly cars are actually worse for the environment than regular cars!

Finally we also told you from the do as I say and not as I do files that Nancy Pelosi and her husband are part of the rich getting richer even though she talks differently in congress. And we wrapped up by telling people that the city of San Francisco wants to ban circumcisions and buying pets!!! What kind of crazy liberal town is that?

Check all these issues out on Breaking it Down with DT!

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