Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Economy, Welfare Spending on Restaurants and Foreign Relations Nightmares

Tonight Brian and I spoke with Rick Saccone, the Delegate to the Pennsylvania House from District 39 in Pennsylvania. Mr. Saccone is a PhD. who spent time with the USAF in Asia as well as working in North Korea as the only American citizen in the country. He was a Fullbright-Hayes scholar in Egypt where he studied Islam as well as spending time as a civilian in Baghdad and Mosul as a Senior Counterintelligence Agent.

Mr. Saccone spoke in depth about the efforts the Pennsylvania government is making to improve the economy and jobs in their state. He discussed increasing energy production in the state through natural gas exploration as well as protecting the environment from the potentially harmful effects of fracking. He also discussed the first major step in closing a $4 Billion shortfall in passing a balanced budget with no borrowing for the first time in years in the state. We also discussed one of our favorite topics, personal responsibility, when we discussed a move by companies to help restaurants accept welfare cash cards for purchases. Mr. Saccone is clearly a conservative when he states that's not what welfare was intended for and we need to fix a broken system.

Turning away from Pennsylvania we focused on the foreign policy of the current administration in the White House and discussed the major errors they have committed. Mr. Saccone went so far as to call Obama worse than Jimmy Carter. And we all know that is saying a lot. Be sure to tune in to hear the warnings that Mr. Saccone laid out for our foreign policy and his thoughts on the current Republican Presidential field and their foreign policy expertise.

Tonights episode can be found here. Be sure to check out the archive and then tune in next week to Breaking it Down with DT at 10PM EST here on our blog or at AC Nation Radio!

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