Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rich State Poor State

This week on Breaking it Down with DT we spoke to Jonathan Williams, Director of theTax and Fiscal Policy Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Jonathan is co-author of the book Rich State Poor State with famous economist Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal. Jonathan returned to re-visit with us as a follow up to his guest appearance in May.

On the show we spoke about the 4th edition of Rich States Poor States which "exposes the scare tactics of the tax-and-spend crowd and show how economic vitality follows lower taxes". Jonathan also explained how the book uses the ALEC-Laffer index to rank the 50 states offering a look at how the state has performed economically in the past and projections for how the state will perform going forward. If you want to know what's going on in your state and where it's going this is a must read.

Tonights show also featured an update on the Amicus brief ALEC wrote in support of the states lawsuit against Obamacare. Jonathan informed us that their brief was referenced in the decision against the federal government in the Florida case which helps to prove ALEC is on the right track!

Don't forget to tune in next week at 10PM EST to hear interviews with Ken Vaughn who is running for Congress in Virginia's 11th district. Ken will be discussing his campaign as well as Palestinian statehood, offer solutions for economic revitalization and limiting capital investment by government agencies and prescribe solutions to legislative gridlock he will bring to Washington. Then at 10:30 when we speak to Chuck Williams who is running in the 2nd Congressional district in Utah. Chuck will discuss his campaign as well as his former government service and bring his extensive experience on energy and public land use to the discussion.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suspending Elections and the Liberal Thought Process

Everyone knows that there are major differences between conservatives and liberals. And most times liberals hide their enmity for voters better than Governor Bev Perdue this week, so when they are caught telling the truth we need to pay attention and scream it from the roof tops so everyone sees them for what they really are.

Governor Perdue of North Carolina said recently that we should suspend Congressional elections for two years. She says we should tell Congress we won't hold anything against them that they do in trying to "help our country recover". In defending her crazy comment, her spokesperson actually suggests that she was only using hyperbole for a major problem in Washington, that Congress members worry more about elections than serving the people they represent.

This shows us the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives. As a conservative I personally want my elected officials to worry about getting elected. Every time they go to vote on a bill I want them to worry about what I think and how it might affect my vote in the next election. If they don't fulfill their campaign promises I want to be able to vote them out of office as soon as possible to replace them with someone who might do what they promised. Liberal logic works much differently than mine though. Standard liberal thinking is that they know better than the electorate. They don't want to have to be responsible to the voters. They want the voters to go about their daily lives and stay out of the way and let the liberals do what is best for them.

So when liberals actually speak their mind and expose their true thinking, don't let the mainstream media fool you into thinking it was a joke or hyperbole. Especially don't fall for articles like this one where the author actually suggests that voters have considered suspending elections. They want you to believe we want bi-partisanship. Bi-partisanship and deal making is what got us into the mess we are in as a country and it needs to stop. The only people who would ever consider taking away our civil rights are the liberals who want voters out of the way so they can "do what's best for us". It's high time we used our vote to get the liberals out of the way so we can get back to Constitutional principles and "help our country recover"!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Solar Decathalon? I Say It's The Solar Propagandathon

So as you may or may not know the Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the DOE, has been going on since 2002.

It's a competition and expo organized by the Department of Energy (DOE) that invites teams to build houses powered by the sun, opened to the public today in Washington, D.C.

This year the 19 dwellings, designed by teams affiliated with universities from the U.S. and abroad, are set up in West Potomac Park—an eight-acre site dotted with baseball fields that is technically part of the Mall but located by the Tidal Basin, farther from foot traffic. The houses will be there until October 2. Judges will assess the buildings in 10 categories—hence, “decathlon”—related to design, cost, and efficiency. The winner will be announced October 1.

Decathlon director Richard King of the DOE says, " It’s important to pull in visitors as the event can positively influence people’s opinions about sustainable design. You need to have an educated public to make this industry grow."

I would argue that with you Richard. You don't need education you need demand. Plenty of people "know" about green and sustainable. Nobody wants to BUY it! There is almost no demand for this type of energy because the costs are prohibitive. Just because you tell me how nice it is doesn't mean I'm going to buy it when the next best thing is 1/10 the cost and operates better. Economics 101, Richard.

Solar is one of the most expensive sources of energy and it isn't even sustainable. At night the sun goes away!

Yet the government constantly is pushing this green agenda. Why? To control the energy resources of the country. Why are the American people letting the government have such tight control over energy? We have given the government the power to dictate how we live our lives! Politicians dole out the use of energy as they see fit and we still sit by and allow it. Even applaud it!

Insane. Stop drinking the Koolaid people and do your own research!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Help Restore Constitutional Rule Of Law .. Check Out The Essential Liberty Project

If you have not seen it yet you have to check this out.

The Patriot Post has done an interesting thing, as they are always doing so I'm not surprised!

They have a website called The Essential Liberty Project which is about Restoring the Constitutional Rule Of Law.

Take a few minutes to check it out. Then do 2 things.

Sign the petition and then donate to the cause if you are able, it's a good one.

Let's win this one, people!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Conservative Patriot Who Will Be Continuing to Serve - Tom Cotton

David and I had the pleasure of speaking with our special guest, Tom Cotton - Patriot, Ranger, Harvard Law Grad AND Candidate for the US House of Representatives from Arkansas 4th District.

We talked to Tom about a number of pressing issues including the economy, immigration and the US Constitution. He is a straight shooter all the way.

He has just begun his Congressional Campaign and of course has some time to gain traction before the vote so check him out. Look for him on Facebook and
Twitter. Also visit his website and when you realize how much you like him, and you will, support the campaign at

If you missed it live hop on over to tonight's episode and give a listen. 

Be sure to check out the archive for ALL the great shows we've had and, of course, be sure to tune in next week to Breaking it Down with DT at 10PM EST here on our blog or at AC Nation Radio!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Are You Kidding?

You've got to see this website .. .. the president launched a new website ..  because criticism of the president must be foul and baseless .. uh .. not.

AND .. more support of the lying Obama continues to do .. all there .. all the time .. check out the filth. It is paid for by Obama for America, the biggest misnomer I've seen lately.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Congratulations to Congressman elect Mark Amodei!

A few weeks ago Brian and Dad had the opportunity to interview Mark Amodei, at the time a candidate for US Congress. This week Mark won his special election and will be heading off to Washington to fight for the conservative cause! Congratulations to Mark and his team! We hope to bring Mark back on down the road to hear how things are going.

The Path to Full Employment and Fixing the Social Security Nightmare

Tonight was Brian's turn to be out of pocket so John "Dad" Terry and I interviewed Ted Abram, the Executive Director of the American Institute for Full Employment. Mr. Abram is a former judge and also worked on the 1996 welfare reform laws that were enacted that were the first major reform of the welfare system.

We discussed many fascinating topics with Mr. Abram and managed to barely squeeze the interview into our hour show. Listening to the archive is a necessity so click to listen to tonight's episode.

The discussion featured exciting topics such as how to reform social security. Mr. Abram presented an interesting concept for young people to plan for retirement that I know I would jump at. We also discussed the tax system as it stands and what can be done to reform the system. There are many plans out there and Mr. Abrams thoughts were profound.

Mr. Abram spoke at length about the issues with our political system and the need of elected and appointed officials to perpetuate and grow government to retain and increase their power. Mr. Abram presented some great ideas that are available on tonight's show and also on his blog, Democracy and Power!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A New Representative for Florida's 20th District? We hope so! Karen Harrington

Tonight, David was out of pocket again, so John Terry joined me to speak with our special guest Karen Harrington, Business Owner AND Candidate for the US House of Representatives from Florida's 20th District.

Mrs. Harrington discussed her reasons for challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the 20th District seat as well as her views on what it will take to return the US economy to the path of growth.

With plenty of time ahead to build momentum in the, sure to be historic, 2012 campaign season Mrs. Harrington will have plenty of time to build her case to the 20th District voters. Keep an eye on that race!

Visit Karen Harrington's website and check her out for yourself. Also, find her at

If you missed it live hop on over to tonight's episode and give a listen. 

Be sure to check out the archive for ALL the great shows we've had and, of course, be sure to tune in next week to Breaking it Down with DT at 10PM EST here on our blog or at AC Nation Radio!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The US Government Is Too Big .. Is The Little Guy Really Being Looked After?

Tonight, since David was out of pocket, I had the pleasure of having John Terry (Dad for those of you who don't know) join me to speak with our special guest Anthony Gregory, Research Editor at The Independent Institute. He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in publications from the Christian Science Monitor to Bloomberg Business Week. He also regularly writes for numerous news and commentary web sites.

We touched on a healthy list of topics with Anthony. We talked about the general state of the economy, the Obama White House and Congress and Free Enterprise and Liberty. He is finishing work on a manuscript on liberty and the writ of habeas corpus and commented on his academic journey analyzing that. We'll be on the lookout for that interesting book down the road. 

Personal Freedom was the overriding topic that wound its way through tonight's conversation.

If you missed it live hop on over to tonight's episode and give a listen

Be sure to check out the archive for ALL the great shows we've had and be sure to tune in next week to Breaking it Down with DT at 10PM EST here on our blog or at AC Nation Radio!