Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Conservative Patriot Who Will Be Continuing to Serve - Tom Cotton

David and I had the pleasure of speaking with our special guest, Tom Cotton - Patriot, Ranger, Harvard Law Grad AND Candidate for the US House of Representatives from Arkansas 4th District.

We talked to Tom about a number of pressing issues including the economy, immigration and the US Constitution. He is a straight shooter all the way.

He has just begun his Congressional Campaign and of course has some time to gain traction before the vote so check him out. Look for him on Facebook and
Twitter. Also visit his website and when you realize how much you like him, and you will, support the campaign at

If you missed it live hop on over to tonight's episode and give a listen. 

Be sure to check out the archive for ALL the great shows we've had and, of course, be sure to tune in next week to Breaking it Down with DT at 10PM EST here on our blog or at AC Nation Radio!

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