Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Path to Full Employment and Fixing the Social Security Nightmare

Tonight was Brian's turn to be out of pocket so John "Dad" Terry and I interviewed Ted Abram, the Executive Director of the American Institute for Full Employment. Mr. Abram is a former judge and also worked on the 1996 welfare reform laws that were enacted that were the first major reform of the welfare system.

We discussed many fascinating topics with Mr. Abram and managed to barely squeeze the interview into our hour show. Listening to the archive is a necessity so click to listen to tonight's episode.

The discussion featured exciting topics such as how to reform social security. Mr. Abram presented an interesting concept for young people to plan for retirement that I know I would jump at. We also discussed the tax system as it stands and what can be done to reform the system. There are many plans out there and Mr. Abrams thoughts were profound.

Mr. Abram spoke at length about the issues with our political system and the need of elected and appointed officials to perpetuate and grow government to retain and increase their power. Mr. Abram presented some great ideas that are available on tonight's show and also on his blog, Democracy and Power!

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  1. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was a great show. I'll catch the replay!