Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suspending Elections and the Liberal Thought Process

Everyone knows that there are major differences between conservatives and liberals. And most times liberals hide their enmity for voters better than Governor Bev Perdue this week, so when they are caught telling the truth we need to pay attention and scream it from the roof tops so everyone sees them for what they really are.

Governor Perdue of North Carolina said recently that we should suspend Congressional elections for two years. She says we should tell Congress we won't hold anything against them that they do in trying to "help our country recover". In defending her crazy comment, her spokesperson actually suggests that she was only using hyperbole for a major problem in Washington, that Congress members worry more about elections than serving the people they represent.

This shows us the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives. As a conservative I personally want my elected officials to worry about getting elected. Every time they go to vote on a bill I want them to worry about what I think and how it might affect my vote in the next election. If they don't fulfill their campaign promises I want to be able to vote them out of office as soon as possible to replace them with someone who might do what they promised. Liberal logic works much differently than mine though. Standard liberal thinking is that they know better than the electorate. They don't want to have to be responsible to the voters. They want the voters to go about their daily lives and stay out of the way and let the liberals do what is best for them.

So when liberals actually speak their mind and expose their true thinking, don't let the mainstream media fool you into thinking it was a joke or hyperbole. Especially don't fall for articles like this one where the author actually suggests that voters have considered suspending elections. They want you to believe we want bi-partisanship. Bi-partisanship and deal making is what got us into the mess we are in as a country and it needs to stop. The only people who would ever consider taking away our civil rights are the liberals who want voters out of the way so they can "do what's best for us". It's high time we used our vote to get the liberals out of the way so we can get back to Constitutional principles and "help our country recover"!


  1. Thank you for posting this! It gave me quite a good laugh. It's a trip how all those liberals are evil selfish liars! Anyway, from my LIBERAL perspective I agree with you about Perdue's comment: ridiculous! Clearly, she couldn't have thought it through from any objective viewpoint.
    Like you, I also want my elected officials to be concerned, each and every time they vote, with my opinion about their actions, because if they don't fulfill their campaign promises I want to be able to vote them out of office to replace them with someone who might do what they promised.
    Here's something more: I don't want voters to stay out of the way. I want voters to pay attention and stay informed. I want voters to be diligent about holding elected officials to their promises. Wait a minute! Does this mean we agree? Yikes!

  2. Why is it that liberals always give each other the benefit of the doubt and assume they just not have been thinking but when a conservative says something then they must be evil and trying to keep people down?