Thursday, October 27, 2011

Altamonte Springs Mayoral Race - Bob O'Malley

Tonight David and I got the chance to talk to Bob O'Malley, the Mayoral candidate from Altamonte Springs, Florida who is challenging the incumbent.

Bob is currently with CSX Transportation as the Resident Vice President of State Government and Community Affairs in Florida. He is also the Chairman of the Early Learning Coalition. He was appointed to the coalition in 2005 by Jeb Bush and is now the Chairman.

Bob discussed the challenges that Altamonte Springs residents and business owners are facing today. The city has the 5th hardest hit housing market in the COUNTRY according to Bloomberg. Commercial properties have one of the worst occupation rates. Traffic has grown worse over the years and needs to be addressed as well. These are all things he plans to address if elected.

Check out Bob at You can find his Facebook and Twitter pages from there also.

All you Altamonte Springs folks out there make sure you vote! The mayor has been uncontested for a decade. That as much reason for new blood as any.

David and I tossed around a bunch of topics in the shot gun segment, from Occupy Wall Street to Muslims in Catholic University, so check out the archive and listen.

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