Friday, October 14, 2011

The Effect of European Economic Troubles on US Taxpayers

Do you know how much the economic troubles currently being experienced in Greece and across Europe will affect the US economy? Tune in to tonights episode of Breaking it Down with DT where Brian and I interviewed Dan Lewis, Chief Executive of London's Economic Policy Centre.

Since graduating in 1994 in Modern Languages and History, Dan worked in financial organisations in the City of London and lived and worked in Luxembourg for four years until 2001. After this period Dan got more involved in consulting with policymakers, institutional investors and businesses as well as doing research for the think tanks, the Economic Research Council and the Centre for Policy Studies.

Dan described in great detail the risks associated with economic troubles in Europe and expressed concerns that a complete collapse of the Greek economy is a matter of when, not if! To understand how this will affect us listen to the archive of the show here! Dan is also an expert in energy policy so the discussion transitioned to energy policy and just how the US and Great Britain energy policies intertwine . Dan was an knowledgeable and informative guest and shared information that is important to all Americans.

In the shotgun segment of the show Brian and I discussed the Alabama immigration law and the Justice Departments new hotling directed at the Alabama government. We also discussed some of the demands of the occupiers of Wall Street and their absurd idea that every American should earn $20 an hour whether they work or now. Who would ever go to work again if we could all earn that much for doing nothing? And the scary part is Obama and Pelosi have come out in support of the socialist agenda!

Make sure to check out the archive and hear all this important information by tuning in here or by listening here at!

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