Friday, October 21, 2011

Qaddafi is Dead, Government Spending, Harry Reid, California Cap and Trade, Electric Car Company Government Loan Guarantees, US Forest Service Blunders and Senators Gone Wild

Tonight, for our listeners, David and I did a full hour of our Shot Gun segment!

We discussed lots of current events and situations .. here and abroad.

It ran the gamut tonight as we opened with the killing of Qaddafi, bantered about government spending mistakes, touched on the importance of States rights and of course we ratted out our legislators and government employees for making grave errors in judgement.

If you missed it live be sure to check the archive and find out what you should know this week by tuning in here.

If you haven't heard .. you can find us on iTunes here! Or just go to iTunes and search for AC Nation Blog Talk Radio Feed. Download the episode and bring it with you!

Don't miss it!

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