Friday, November 11, 2011

A New Texas Congresswoman?? Felicia Harris

Tonight, David and I had the distinct honor and privilege of speaking with a conservative candidate from Texas, Felicia Harris from the 14th district .. where Ron Paul also hails from. In fact she is running to replace Ron Paul since he'll not run again to concentrate on managing a Presidential bid.

We discussed Felicia's viewpoints on energy, immigration and taxes among other things. She really laid the ground work for her campaign by discussing her conservative values and ideas that she plans to bring with her to Washington.

Find out more about Felicia Harris by checking out her campaign site and also on Facebook.

The ShotGun Segment hit a few high points tonight. We talked about Herman Cain and the "Chicago Smear Politics" already in play. We also touched on Bill Nelson's email to Floridian's on election laws.

If you missed it live be sure to check the archive and find out what you should know this week by tuning in here.

If you haven't heard .. you can find us on iTunes here! Or just go to iTunes and search for AC Nation Blog Talk Radio Feed. Download the episode and bring it with you!

You won't want to miss it!

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