Friday, December 2, 2011

Jobs, Over-Regulation and Education Plus Florida Casinos, Payroll Tax Cuts and the Collapse of Solar Power

Jobs, over regulation and education... don't those sound like the problems every state is having in this great country of ours? Tune in to the radio show archive of Breaking it Down with DT to hear former Montana congressman Rick Hill talk about these issues and how they pertain to his race to become the next governor of Montana! Politico has listed the MT governor's race as one of the most important races to watch in the 2012 election cycle. Conservatives need to tip as many states back to the right as we can. Tune in to our show tonight to hear how Rick Hill is going to win the race. Check out his website here for more information about his stance on the important issues affecting Americans!

Also on tonight's show we discussed legalizing casinos in Florida, the "payroll tax" cuts (really should be called Social Security tax cuts!), and how the Obama administration trying to pick winners has the solar power industry collapsing and the Chevy Volt catching on fire!

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