Thursday, September 6, 2012

Excommunicate Catholic Democrats and put Sandra Fluke on a Deserted Island

I am a Catholic man. I regard all life from conception to natural death as sacred.

I don't apologize for it. In fact if you listened to Sandra Fluke at the Democratic National Convention I would be what she called 'extreme' and 'bigoted'.

Funny, but I don't feel like that. I just feel like it is the right (correct) and moral thing to do. There is no malice towards anyone because I hold that belief. Just the opposite in fact. It's the polar opposite of malice.

Sure, there are some people I feel deserve to be killed out there. But, as an obedient Catholic, I have to put aside that highly emotionally charged judgement. I must remember that the Sanctity of Life is more important than my own twisted desire for justice.

The Catholic folks that don't realize that the Sanctity of Life trumps any pro-abortion argument, AND voted for people that support it and are working towards making it happen, should be excommunicated.

With whom does the ultimate responsibility lie for a public servant being in position to make a decision? The voters of course. A public servant, at least today in our Republic, can't assume power of their own volition. They must be voted into office, for better or worse.

Any Catholic who is pro-abortion or voted for a public servant who supports abortion, who acts to support abortion, or plainly does not renounce a pro-abortion stance should no longer be allowed to be part of the Church.

Voting. For someone else. That's harmless. Right? Not agreeing with major tenets of your faith .. that's okay .. right?

Wrong! Voting is the action, the mechanism, that empowers someone to act on yours and others' behalf, whether or not in their best interest. The ultimate responsibility lies with you the voter. That does not absolve the public servants in this either. If they are Catholic and are pro-abortion that is an even stronger case for excommunication. The public servant has the ability to act in a way that they believe to be correct. No matter the consequences.

God does not allow for disagreement. There are no partial abortions. It's an on/off switch. Agree or you are not a Catholic, even if you lie to yourself and others that you are. And it IS a LIE.

I call on ALL US Catholics to vote against anyone that does not hold the Sanctity of Life dear. You can tell if they qualify by their actions. If you do not vote that way then I call on the US Council of Catholic Bishops to excommunicate you for your grievous personal affront to human life.

Plain and simple. Do the right thing or face the consequences.

Sandra Fluke is lucky she isn't Catholic. She would be top of the list when I petition the US Bishops. Since she isn't I'd settle for sticking that extremist bigot on a deserted island. I'd give her fishing pole and make sure there were some coconut trees at least.

Ooops! There's that emotionally charged judgment again!

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  1. Hello ... I'm curious about petitioning the Roman Catholic Church - at whatever level is necessary - to start excommunicating public officials and clergy who are promoting anti-Catholic principles, and are at the same time calling themselves "Catholic" - please let me know how to do this or if I can help you do this.

    Thank you