Friday, September 7, 2012

To Barack Obama - You get an F

Since when is "Incomplete" an actual grade?

I understand you have to make it sound good. Like the US is a work in progress and you are still working on it. I get that. The marketing machine has to get you elected again so you can 'finish up'.

But this isn't a school project. This is about the US People. We don't want sound bites. We want leadership that set us on a course for prosperity. A rising tide raises all ships.

We are tired of debt spinning out of control. Healthcare is imploding around this new law. Costs of doing business in every sector in this country are rising because of government regulation. Illegal immigration isn't fixed. The economy is a sluggish pack mule. Energy prices are too high. The list goes on so far I get weary thinking about it.

You are really good at spinning words, wordsmithing, twisting words to meet your needs. It's a talent. With all the failures of your administration you've got to figure out a way to keep votes.

I'd like you to know that we see through your words. We know how badly you've done. You aren't going to get the same people to vote for you this year. Many people were remorseful right after the election that voted for you then. Your marketing machine with the HOPE slogan did it's thing.

I can only HOPE that enough people truly see what's happening and decide to vote for prosperity.

As a voter I get to grade you too. You get an "F".

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