Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Figured Out The Debate Strategy!

I have never claimed to be brilliant. I do say I'm never wrong. Both of those may be shades of the truth actually.

So in this case I'm a little slow, but accurate.

The Vice Presidential debate tonight was much different than the Presidential debate. I know you agree. The debaters sat instead of stood. They were on different sides of the "stage". The questions asked were a little different. Similar issues were raised but not entirely. I suppose it was supposed to seem more relaxed.

The environment was anything but relaxed. It was a bit more combative thanks to Smiley Joe. And the condescension was palpable. And it finally registered with me what Barry was doing on stage the other night.

Smiley had the audacity to be disdainful .. the entire time. That was the emotion he was displaying and he does it pretty well. It hit me that was what Barry was doing. Everyone criticized Barry for his 'smirking' and head shaking. It wasn't Presidential behavior so people took it wrong. It seemed out of place. Smiley displayed his disdain as a badge. He wore it proudly. Barry was also being disdainful is his own way. That was what people saw and didn't understand.

Mitt Romney is gentleman as is his running mate Paul Ryan. They are men of character and accomplishment. They were able to display their strong character in the debates through their actions.

Barry and Smiley also showed their character, or lack thereof, through their displays of disdain. This should concern the American people immensely. Men that don't display respect on the political stage have no business being there. They can't get the job done.

How can men without respect for another work together to lead our country is the right direction. The answer is they categorically cannot.

The hallmark for the current administration, and the Democrats is general, is disdain. That's why we are without a budget. The Democrats won't truly reach across the aisle and work with Republicans to come to agreement on anything of value.

I think the entire country has seen who should be the next President in these two debates. The choice is clear. Vote for men of character who will reach out across the aisle and bring our great country into a new era of expansion.

Vote Romney and Ryan in November. The alternative isn't pretty. You know I'm not wrong.

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