Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well It's Over ..

The election results have come in. It's bitter, no lie.

There are few times in my life that I have ever been supremely disappointed in the American public. Today is one of those days.

When I think of the average American voter all I can picture is this ..

The public has ignored the lies Barry and Smiley Joe have perpetuated, blocked out the poor policy decisions, overlooked the shortcomings of the entire administration. The media, as always, has covered for them. I know smart people, I am giving a pretty wide berth on this one, that don't get what is going on in our country and it just makes me shake my head and wonder about them.

Calls for unity and working together are being made by Barry and the boys. Bah!

If there was any chance of working together it would've happened in the last 4 years. Liberals don't want to work together. They want to warp the Republic we have into a socialistic ghost where few have power and most suck at the government teat to subsist.

It isn't time for Conservatives to compromise. It's time to dig in and protect the People from themselves. The useful idiots that voted left don't know any better. It's pathetic actually. I feel sorry for them.

Time to go back to work and figure out how to explain to people the benefits of more freedom vs. less .. of less government instead of more .. of opportunity vs. dependency .. it's a long road. The battlefront is quiet today but the war is just over the next hill.