Friday, March 22, 2013

The Feminization of Society and the Destruction of Real Men

I was reading about two different things floating around the net today that I think a lot of people wouldn't tie together, but I believe are inter-related. One thing is a study about the falling incomes of men being related to living in single parent female households. Apparently those men don't do as well financially, go to college at a lower rate and overall aren't as successful in life. The other article is about a woman who humiliated a couple of guys making bad sexually related jokes about computer parts at a computer convention. Their sex jokes about "dongles" so offended this woman that she took a photo of the men and sent it to her 10,000 twitter followers and got one of the men fired. Of course, I'm enjoying the fact that she got herself fired too. :-)

Before we get too far into this its important to understand I'm not excusing men discriminating against women in the workplace. I'm not excusing men sexually harassing women by touching, leering, insulting them by saying sexual things about them, or at the worst forcing them to do sexual favors to keep or get jobs. That is sexual harassment and its wrong. But a couple of guys sitting behind you at a conference making random jokes that aren't about you is perfectly okay. They weren't hurting her, who cares if she was offended. If I'm sitting in the lunch room having a conversation with someone how are you hurt by me making what you consider to be an offensive joke? Since when is being offended such a big deal?

Over the last 30 years or so our country has been doing its best to make everyone politically correct. Our society has also been busy telling women they don't need men and can do anything they want without them. It's been telling men they are unnecessary and everything in the world can be done without them. So what a surprise that men are becoming less useful. They have been taught all they are needed for is to be sperm donors and nothing else. They have also been told that the way they want to act doesn't matter. I hate to say it, but boys will be boys. Boys are going to make crude jokes, they are going to like guns and war, they're going to fart and belch. It's pretty simple and there isn't anything wrong with it. No person is injured by an innocuous joke that isn't about them.

I'm not saying men are more necessary than women. I'm saying that men and women need to be a team. Married couples experience less poverty, children of married couples are more successful than those of single parents, especially boys. Moms and Dads bring different things to the raising of children that they need and no child will ever be complete without input in their raising by both sexes.

In the end, we have emasculated men and made them feel unnecessary. We have told them they can't be themselves, they have to hide themselves in a politically correct shell. Those emasculated men are acting out those beliefs by becoming dead beat dads and not living up to their potential in society. Which results in women trying to go it alone without a father for their children which just exacerbates a cycle of failure. As a society we have told men they are unnecessary and can't be themselves and have crushed the spirit of today's men under 35. We are getting exactly what we asked for as a society. Dead beat useless men and dads who are less successful than men were a generation ago. What a surprise!

Monday, March 18, 2013

CPAC 2013 Review from Mayflower Brothers Guest Co-Host John Terry

         CPAC 2013 was an event that dissected the loss in November. Where to go from here was a major theme. Many speakers questioned the Republican effort and particularly Mitt Romney, though they welcomed Mitt respectfully. 
         A Tea Party break-out session that I attended discussed the media's attempt to say that the movement is dead.  The overwhelming response was that Presidential politics had sucked the air out of the room.  The various groups stated that their alive and well and will be actively seeking candidates to run in 2014.
         CPAC was encouraging in the numbers of young men and women attending. Many were wearing or carrying signs touting their favorites. Rand Paul won the straw poll. Was Rand Paul chosen because of his recent filibuster on the Senate floor?  I came home with a Rubio/Scott tee shirt. Rubio was name second in the straw poll.
         Ben Carson ( of Prayer Breakfast fame)  gave an inspiring speech and discussed how under appreciated academic success is in this country. Texas Senator Cruz was truly a hit with the attendees as he spoke with a TelePrompTer.  He introduced Sarah Palin who electrified the audience with her populist speech. She jabbed Obama by comparing him to the ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff.  Palin also took on Karl Rove and the professional class of repubs.
        The conservative themes of limited government,liberty and free markets were everywhere in evidence. 2nd Amendment rights, also, were supported by speakers like Wayne LaPierre.The efforts to get out the conservative message to drive a successful 2014 campaign were the target of CPAC 2013.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where is the Conservative Movement Going: Reflections on CPAC 2013

So the first thing I can say about CPAC 2013 is that it was a great experience. If you are looking to network with like minded people, get energized about the movement and get some good education to learn how to make a difference then you are making a mistake not attending. On our radio show live from the event I referred to it as Disney World for Conservatives!

So that's the good part. The bad part is how many times I heard the word Republican from the stage! CPAC is an event sponsored by the American Conservative Union. I would rather the event consist of 250 people who consider themselves hard core conservatives then 10,000 people who consider themselves conservative Republicans. As evidenced by a lot of the speeches from stage from the elected officials who were guests of the ACU most of the Republican members of the House and Senate wouldn't know the Constitution if I handed it to them and couldn't get the concept of truly limited government if I dumbed it down to a third grade level. For example, Paul Ryan's budget increases every year for the next 10 years and totals $41 trillion dollars. 10 years ago we were spending $2 trillion a year, and we can't cut back any? We have to average $4 trillion annually just 10 years later?

So while I had a great experience and I'm glad to have been there I am very concerned that the Republican Party is just not figuring out how to limit the scope of government and is more worried about getting re-elected than protecting our freedoms!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Freedom and Personal Responsibility

Standing at CPAC 2013 speaking to 3 young high school liberals on a school field trip to look at the Conservatives at the zoo I had to really think about what being a conservative means to me. Brian and I have been talking about this idea on our weekly radio show for weeks on the Mayflower Brothers on Thursday at 10PM EST on In the end it all comes down to freedom and personal responsiblity. The freedom to live our lives as we see fit. But the responsibility to know that the mistakes we make are our own and the only person responsible to fix those mistakes is us. That's not to say that charity shouldn't be in our hearts and in our wallets. We need to take care of each other through our churches and our non-secular charities like the United Way... not by pushing more regulations and taking more taxes from hard working Americans. I tried to explain these young ladies that freedom matters and they agreed. But in a typical liberal fashion they wanted to maximize their freedoms... abortion... legalizing marijuana.... and minimize my freedoms... you don't need 10 bullets... 7 is enough.... and then can't explain why their freedoms are more important than anyone else's. The sad part was they couldn't see it. Maybe some day. At least there is hope. There are plenty of young people here at CPAC 2013 and it gives me hope we have our own youth movement to take the reins in the future.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breaking News: Paul Revere Shot and Killed in Drone Mission

Late last night a 41 year old caucasian male was shot and killed by a drone from the Department of Homeland Security while riding his horse through Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The man, identified as Paul Revere, was found by President Obama to be an enemy combatant and imminent threat to national security.

According to sources Mr. Revere was riding his horse across the countryside to warn the citizens that the President had issued an executive order that all citizens owning semi-automatic weapons with a capacity more than 7 rounds would be guilty of a felony. Mr. Revere's representatives stated that he felt compelled to disseminate the information because this new executive order encompasses the majority of rifles and pistols owned in the US. Mr. Revere was of the opinion that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution provided the right to self protection through gun ownership.

The Obama administration released a statement early this morning that Mr. Revere was seen as an imminent threat because he was espousing dangerous ideals which could result in violent altercations. Per US Attorney General Eric Holder any enemy combatant, even if they are a US Citizen who should be protected by the US Constitution and have the right to due process, can be killed without due process if the President decides he is an imminent threat to national security. Opponents have stated that there is no clear definition of imminent threat and no single individual or group other than a jury of their peers should be deciding guilt and therefore issuing penalties, in this case, the death penalty.

Obviously this is a parody, but think about it. The King would have considered every one of our founding fathers to be an enemy combatant and imminent threat to national security. Every one of them could have been subjected to "drone strikes". And if that happened, where would we be now? That is why the US Constitution provides for protections for US citizens! And those aren't protections a President and his advisors can throw out for convenience!