Friday, March 15, 2013

Freedom and Personal Responsibility

Standing at CPAC 2013 speaking to 3 young high school liberals on a school field trip to look at the Conservatives at the zoo I had to really think about what being a conservative means to me. Brian and I have been talking about this idea on our weekly radio show for weeks on the Mayflower Brothers on Thursday at 10PM EST on In the end it all comes down to freedom and personal responsiblity. The freedom to live our lives as we see fit. But the responsibility to know that the mistakes we make are our own and the only person responsible to fix those mistakes is us. That's not to say that charity shouldn't be in our hearts and in our wallets. We need to take care of each other through our churches and our non-secular charities like the United Way... not by pushing more regulations and taking more taxes from hard working Americans. I tried to explain these young ladies that freedom matters and they agreed. But in a typical liberal fashion they wanted to maximize their freedoms... abortion... legalizing marijuana.... and minimize my freedoms... you don't need 10 bullets... 7 is enough.... and then can't explain why their freedoms are more important than anyone else's. The sad part was they couldn't see it. Maybe some day. At least there is hope. There are plenty of young people here at CPAC 2013 and it gives me hope we have our own youth movement to take the reins in the future.

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