Friday, March 22, 2013

The Feminization of Society and the Destruction of Real Men

I was reading about two different things floating around the net today that I think a lot of people wouldn't tie together, but I believe are inter-related. One thing is a study about the falling incomes of men being related to living in single parent female households. Apparently those men don't do as well financially, go to college at a lower rate and overall aren't as successful in life. The other article is about a woman who humiliated a couple of guys making bad sexually related jokes about computer parts at a computer convention. Their sex jokes about "dongles" so offended this woman that she took a photo of the men and sent it to her 10,000 twitter followers and got one of the men fired. Of course, I'm enjoying the fact that she got herself fired too. :-)

Before we get too far into this its important to understand I'm not excusing men discriminating against women in the workplace. I'm not excusing men sexually harassing women by touching, leering, insulting them by saying sexual things about them, or at the worst forcing them to do sexual favors to keep or get jobs. That is sexual harassment and its wrong. But a couple of guys sitting behind you at a conference making random jokes that aren't about you is perfectly okay. They weren't hurting her, who cares if she was offended. If I'm sitting in the lunch room having a conversation with someone how are you hurt by me making what you consider to be an offensive joke? Since when is being offended such a big deal?

Over the last 30 years or so our country has been doing its best to make everyone politically correct. Our society has also been busy telling women they don't need men and can do anything they want without them. It's been telling men they are unnecessary and everything in the world can be done without them. So what a surprise that men are becoming less useful. They have been taught all they are needed for is to be sperm donors and nothing else. They have also been told that the way they want to act doesn't matter. I hate to say it, but boys will be boys. Boys are going to make crude jokes, they are going to like guns and war, they're going to fart and belch. It's pretty simple and there isn't anything wrong with it. No person is injured by an innocuous joke that isn't about them.

I'm not saying men are more necessary than women. I'm saying that men and women need to be a team. Married couples experience less poverty, children of married couples are more successful than those of single parents, especially boys. Moms and Dads bring different things to the raising of children that they need and no child will ever be complete without input in their raising by both sexes.

In the end, we have emasculated men and made them feel unnecessary. We have told them they can't be themselves, they have to hide themselves in a politically correct shell. Those emasculated men are acting out those beliefs by becoming dead beat dads and not living up to their potential in society. Which results in women trying to go it alone without a father for their children which just exacerbates a cycle of failure. As a society we have told men they are unnecessary and can't be themselves and have crushed the spirit of today's men under 35. We are getting exactly what we asked for as a society. Dead beat useless men and dads who are less successful than men were a generation ago. What a surprise!

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